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In a 'Retention First' world, you have to know how to 



About Sellkind

Sales success that puts your Customer First.

The world is making the switch to ‘everything as a service’, which means the goal posts have shifted.

Everything is about Customer Retention, and to make that work, we have to take a different approach. A lot of change needs to happen, changes in our values, in what we measure and what we reward.

A New Approach
SellKIND is a place to learn about a new approach to sales that’s based on nurturing balanced relationships where power flows equally, and mutual value is generated. It’s still sales, but it’s sales done well, in a respectful way.


But No 'NEW' Methodologies

Many sales methods require your absolute belief. To work alongside your customer, you have to use a logical relationship based approach that you can share. Maintain your critical thinking abilities, don't suspend them.

Keeping it Simple

Relationships are a human function, not a technological one. Technology can make it easier to manage them well, but that's all. For sales to work well, it needs to be kept simple, straightforward and easy to learn.

In the most Powerful Context

Measure everything as how it relates to your customer's mission. How is what you are doing going to improve their experience of life, not just your product. How are you making THEIR world a better place?

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