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Hi there! My name is

David Kenny. 



I'm delighted to meet you!


Are you an entrepreneur struggling to drive consistent sales performance? 

I have over 20 years of experience selling, building sales teams, and teaching other people how to sell. I've worked with StartUps and blue chip companies like Gartner, Tibco, Perficient and the Walt Disney Corporation. 

Like Dan Pink says, "To Sell is Human", but it can get really complex very quickly. I focus on demystifying sales for business people that really need to sell. My programs cut through the jargon, and give you clear and customised advice on what you can do right now to start making sales work for you. 

If you're a business person who knows that there's 'more out there', or you're frustrated with the amount of time and effort you've had to put into sales without a commensurate outcome, Book a free remote consultation with me. Just click the 'book meeting now' link, or email me here and let me know what's frustrating you about your sales performance. 

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