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Every time someone engages in a process, they produce data. That data is important, and we need to protect it, but it starts to get really valuable when you can match it to other sets of data. Once you've done that, you can start to identify patterns and variations and bring it to life. It becomes useful to you in your efforts to learn more about your customer, develop a greater intimacy, and make offers to them that you know will be valued, unique and innovative. 

Sales Initialisation

Sales has a lot of moving parts, and most of those parts are inherently quite chaotic, they're people. The better they are, the more they will generally resist control, which leaves you in a difficult position. How confident are you that you've got the right approach? Can you identify a purpose for all the actions in your sales cycle, and is that purpose well communicated, shared and clear?

Sales Communications

The medium is the message, and how well are your messages landing? Communicating with your sales organisation can be a real challenge, you want them to pay attention, but you need them to be undistracted. Find a right balance using our framework. Based on straightforward sales process events, we can support a leaders platform to drive ambition and achievement, for you, for your company, for your customers and for your associates.

Performance Optimisation

You know your product is fantastic, but you're not getting the traction you need to hit your goals. Customers are initially enthusiastic, but they don't renew. Where do you go from here? How do you define what a great 'sales person' does, how do you choose them and are they doing the right things? Has your sales process ever been designed, or has it just happened? Are you measuring the right things and setting up system feedback loops on your metrics?

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