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Only 18% of customers rate any sales person as a trusted advisor.  

How do your sales people rate? 

The Sellkind Trust in Sales program can help you find out. 

Though a tailored customer review program, we can identify for you where your gaps are, and what actions you need to take to build better relationships with your prospects and customers. This is a time efficient process that's delivered remotely, with minimum disruption, and give you the confidence to take meaningful steps to drive measurable and sustainable change. 

When you do know, what can you do? 

Following a simplified Design Thinking process (Empathize, Design, Ideate, Prototype and Test), we will help you make the right kind of change happen quickly. Communicated respectfully to your sales team in a way it can be heard and that prompts them to take action, the outputs of this process drive a sales culture of respect, inclusion and responsibility. It's a process you can revisit on your own, as often as you want. It can also involve customers where appropriate, and serve to deepen those relationships in a considerate and supportive way. 

How do you pick the right people who can become trusted advisors? 

No question, hiring the right people can make sales success a lot easier. But, regardless of how well designed your recruiting process might be, if your new candidates are being interviewed by leaders who are upholding a deeply flawed sales culture, you're probably not getting the recruits with the skills you really want. Looking for a standard sales success profile isn't going to work either, and on average, new hire success rates in sales are 55%. 

Does it Matter? ​

Yes! Extensive surveys have shown that Trusted Advisors increase customer retention, defend
margin and ultimately, drive greater profitability. If you're experiencing challenges holding on to
customers and you're not growing your accounts, examining and addressing how effectively your
sales teams are building trust is a great place to start. 

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