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Selling with kindness, passion and purpose

Hello! I'm David Kenny. I have over 20 years of experience in sales, both at an individual contibutor level, running multiple sales teams, establishing sales in start-up's, and being a corporate VP of sales managing a $28m ACV Pipeline. I've worked in many unique business environments and encountered a lot of the challenges that face everyone involved in the sales process.

My passion is for helping individuals to achieve what they never through they could. I've worked in Ireland, France, the UK, Canada, Japan and the United States. Prior to moving into sales, I was a consultant for ten years, working with Financial Services, Healthcare , Technology & Utilities organisations to drive greater levels of customer focussed performance and process execution.

I am committed to creating a more equal world where everyone has a chance to succeed, helping my clients drive sustainable growth through better customer engagement and delivering long term value in a direct and measurable way. I started out in the hospitality industry, working with Relais Chateaux, The Walt Disney Corporation and The Ritz Carlton. In these organisations I developed a really intense appreciation of the value of creating a deeply rewarding and enduring customer experience.

I like to approach sales from the same perspective, understanding the customer and identifying how to co-invent an innovative and rewarding relationship. I've spoken to very large audiences at venues like the TIBCO Energy ConferenceThe Association for Talent Development national congress, DEMO and a few others. I have numerous training certifications and am happy to engage with solopreneurs, small teams or large groups as appropriate. If you would like to know more, please get in touch: info
Every change starts with a 
simple conversation, so book a meeting here: LINK

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