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SellKind Start Up Sales Curve

Programs for entrepreneurs. 

Balancing sales and delivery is difficult. 
When you're both selling and delivering, your success depends on how well you can balance between the two. The delivery part you probably know really well, but the sales part is an area you possibly struggle with, don't enjoy and maybe only do it when you have to. Eventually, you might have a dedicated sales team, but right now, it's just you and your co-founders. You need some 'just in time' guidance and coaching. 

There are limited places to go for help. 

If you look for sales training, you usually end up with a 'methodology' that you're expected to buy into wholeheartedly. Most sales training programs are designed for use in the enterprise by full time sales people. They're purchased by Sales VPs, and they primarily focus on standardizing performance and  driving a more predictable aggregate forecast. When you're trying to get in front of prospects, maintain their interest as you develop your product offerings and then close deals with them, all with a very limited amount of time and a tiny budget, technology might make the process easier, but it's not going to do the job for you. 

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You want every engagement to demonstrate your commitment to your customers. 

When you go out there to look for sales help, you find a lot of 'get the deal at any cost' approaches, and a very limited number of people who will listen to you, take the time to understand you, and appreciate both what you want to achieve AND how you want to achieve it. 

If you need results and you want an approach that balances what you do with how you do it, get in touch.

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